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Creative writing is a wonderful way for children to communicate personal messages, stories and ideas that they otherwise may not be able to articulate. Spending time writing with others who have an interest in writing is a comfortable way to learn and grow. This process fosters a respect for other people and their ideas as well as the written word. Creative writing helps young writers build confidence, take pride in work, develop creativity, improve literacy, increase general braininess, and have a lot of fun!


Our Goal


Our goal is to help children, ages 7-12  understand the world of creative writing, offering them a way to express themselves in many different forms. Children often associate the act of writing solely with school work. We strive to engage, entertain and encourage children to express authentic thought. What they think is so very important and worth sharing!


Instructed Classes


Writing classes are led by
Elyn Achtymichuk, B.A., M.A. Elyn is able to draw from a sound educational background in literature as well as offer children a uniquely youthful approach.


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Special Guests

Our program provides children the opportunity to meet several of Saskatchewan's local artists, including authors, playwrights, singer/songwriters, poets, and stage performers. It is valuable for children to see that creative expression exists in many forms.

Participating Artists

Arthur Slade an award-winning Author. Website

Brenda Baker a children’s Entertainer, Songwriter, Performance Coach, and award-winning Author. Website

Jerry Haigh a Wildlife Vet, Author and Storyteller   Website

Rachelle Smith an Author of 4 children’s books which focus on life
with Juvenile Diabetes.

Rebecca Grambo an award-winning Author, writing non-fiction books for
adults and children. Website

Marion Mutala an award-winning Author and Entertainer. Website

Alice Kuipers an award-winning Author.  Website

Lindsay Knight Canada’s first solo Aboriginal female Hip-hop Recording Artist.

Alison Uitti an Author of children’s books. Website

Marsha Matheson an Artist and an Art Educator.

Carrie Catherine a prairie chanteuse and award-winning Songwriter. Website

Ashley Spires an award-winning Author and Illustrator. Website

Sandy Bonny, Writer, Visual Artist and Earth Scientist  Website

Mary Harelkin Bishop, Author. Website

Peter Eyvindson, Author. Website

Larry Warwaruk, Author Website

Joan Savage Musician and Writer  Website

Monique Martin an Artist
and an Art Educator.  Website

Robin Adair Artist  Website

Monique Blom  Artist Website

Elaine Will  Cartoonist  Website

Kathy Bradshaw  Artist  Website

Joel Bernbaum  Playwright and Theatre Artist   Website

Carey Rigby-Wilxox  Author  Website

Leah Marie Dorion An Interdisciplinary Metis Artist and Author   Website

Adam Pottle Writer Website

Kristine Scarrow Author Website






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